Ford Mustang Left 2005-2011


    • The perfect marriage for a subwoofer
    • Acoustical bass with no loss of trunk space
    • More interior airspace volume & mounting depth than any other box
    • Can be used with your subwoofer of choice
    • Lightest most durable boxes on the market
    • Hand crafted with resin for better sound deadening & sound quality
    • Hand painted for the best cosmetic look on the market
    • Ultimate factory look custom molded to your vehicle contours
    • Seamless fabrication delivering rigidity & dimensional stability
    • Custom look with deeper richer sound
    • Eliminates standing wave distortion
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Removable & modifiable
    • Plug and play application
    • Painted in a black finish
    • Can be color-matched to interior or exterior
    • Better sound through research
    • More durable than any other enclosure
    • Portability & durability not possible with MDF
Airspace 0.70 cu. ft.
Mounting Depth 6.5 in.
Product Width 14.8 in.
Product Height 12.4 in.
Product Length 21.2 in.
Weight 15.84 lbs
Packaging Width 14.37 in.
Packaging Height 16.54 in.
Packaging Length 21.85 in.


Category: ford, mustang

Type: Acoustical Bass