Our story begins with one man's passion for music.  At the age of 24, he had overcome challenges such as destroying a 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom fiber optic sound system, the first ever sold Ferrari Enzo at $2.4 Million, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Porsche GT3...he simply wanted more.

Not content with second best he decided to design his own hand layered enclosures, ignoring accepted wisdom and focusing on aspects of performance that made music burst to life. These first designs laid the foundations for a range of iconic and award-winning Lamborghini hi-fi products that would reach well into the next decade.

The Bassforms Way

Ever since the early days, we ignored trends and trusted our own sense of...  Applied by hand, each bassforms is a symbol of art, quality and uncompromised craftsmanship. 


The idea for an entirely new kind of enclosure was first conceived by our engineers over a decade ago and development began in earnest in 2004. The objective was to set a new reference standard in high-end audio and music reproduction.

The result is Bassforms. Three years of relentless questioning, iterative design and a point blank refusal to accept no as an answer.

Performance First Engineering

Product engineers often begin with what exists already. They might ask how something can work better, or where improvements can be made. With Bassforms, we started with a blank sheet of paper and a vision: to create the ultimate hand crafted enclosure.

After the initial concept stage the engineering team set aside practical considerations and began to map out the product in free space. This creative freedom was then backed up by laying models which confirmed the optimum position for each component.


Radically different aesthetic may seem like a departure from Bassforms tradition but it's the ultimate expression of everything we represent.

The imposing structure is offset by the organic sculptural flow of the OEM contour and the beautifully curved factory look. The design reflects how our pursuit of technical brilliance is always grounded in the abstract human experience of music. If it's the best enclosure in the world in lab tests we’ve only done half a job - it's in the listening room where it really counts.

After many iterations, the designers realized a nature-inspired "Bassforms' would save space without compromising on performance. Organic form follows function.  In designing Bassforms, we decided to do whatever was necessary, however unconventional, to make the best form loudspeaker anyone had ever heard.  Every component, from drive unit to cabinet enclosure, was re-invented.  Every preconceived notion of what a speaker should be was challenged. The rulebook was torn up and re-written in the process of conceiving Bassforms.


Everything about Bassforms is a leap forward in technology and design. It's been engineered from the ground up for pure performance.  The shape of 'Bassforms' was inspired by nature, but derived from pure science.  The form we call 'bassforms' were designed for hand sculpture high fidelity absolute bass, treble and midrange purity.  Acoustic science only takes a speaker design so far.  After that, there is experimentation. In developing 'Bassforms', experimenting with the drive unit's enclosure led eventually to a sonically superior, science success.


Every component, curve and connection in Bassforms demanded new levels of engineering and tolerance.  'BassForms' demands craftsmanship from skilled people.  For instance, the shell's finish comes from 12 carefully applied lacquer coats containing our secret sauce, and a proprietary unique baking and curing system.  Crucial drive unit components are made using a mix of hand-assembly techniques and semi-automatic production.  For example, 'bassform' are wet-wound with high-temperature resin, then baked in a special oven to ensure enhanced performance and durability.  This perfectionism makes for a slow production process, but ensures we consistently reach world-class levels of quality.  Bassforms' beautifully curved, seamless exterior is moulded from 10mm-thick, glass-reinforced ABS, like a Formula One racing car. Stiff, solid and durable, with no sharp edges to diffract sound, it’s ideal for a speaker enclosure.


Bassforms has been designed and developed using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. But it takes a human touch to get things just right, 11 pairs of hands...