BASSFORMS Loudest Ram box in the World, BASSFORMS Bugatti with Lil Wayne and Cassie

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BASSFORMS Loudest Ram box in the World 

Think about all the design that goes into a car. Our car may be the largest work of art we will ever own. Work done to your car should honor the original design. Americans spend more than Nine hours a week in their cars. That time shouldn’t suck. While you’re in your car, we believe you should be able to listen to good music, well reproduced – and it should sound great even with the sunroof open and the windows down.

The big RAM may have enough cab space to pull real weight, but is in dire need of some serious low-frequency assistance. We made the loudest Ram Box Quad Cab with a double 12-inch woofer that slides under the rear seat, but some people simply want more... hmmm.

BASSFORMS Loudest Ram box in the world, the perfect marriage for a subwoofer, acoustical bass with no loss of trunk space, more interior airspace volume & mounting depth than any other box and can be used with your subwoofer of choice. Bassforms delivers an option to fit 2-12" W6 or 2-12" kicker L7.That's huge. No other box n the industry does that Ram boxes are In stock ready to ship 

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