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At the Beginning of the John Legend & Andre 3000 Green Light video, Bassforms makes an appearance...

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BASSFORMS Loudest Ram box in the World 

Think about all the design that goes into a car. Our car may be the largest work of art we will ever own. Work done to your car should honor the original design. Americans spend more than Nine hours a week in their cars. That time shouldn’t suck. While you’re in your car, we believe you should be able to listen to good music, well reproduced – and it should sound great even with the sunroof open and the windows down.

The big RAM may have enough cab space to pull real weight, but is in dire need of some serious low-frequency assistance. We made the loudest Ram Box Quad Cab with a double 12-inch woofer that slides under the rear seat, but some people simply want more... hmmm.

BASSFORMS Loudest Ram box in the world, the perfect marriage for a subwoofer, acoustical bass with no loss of trunk space, more interior airspace volume & mounting depth than any other box and can be used with your subwoofer of choice. Bassforms delivers an option to fit 2-12" W6 or 2-12" kicker L7.That's huge. No other box n the industry does that Ram boxes are In stock ready to ship 

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Bassforms is a company that makes fiberglass speaker components that is custom fitted to your car. Normal speaker boxes take up room that most people need in their trunk or backseat. What I like about Bassforms is that their speaker components are made to fit in the corner of your trunk or behind your seats.

Bassforms Bugatti featured with Lil Wayne & Cassie at 2:04 minutes.



If you're looking to add a custom touch to your car audio install, make sure to check out Bassforms vehicle-specific custom fiberglass enclosures. They have a pretty decent selection available for a wide range of makes and models, along with a few universal options as well. The boxes come pre-gel-coated, but can be re-painted if you want to match your exterior color or some interior theme. We used Bassform's right and left corner box for our 2006 SEMA Scion tC. The fit was pretty spot on, and they sounded incredible.  

And now Chevy Cobalt owners can re-joice as Bassforms has just announced a new dual-12" box available for 2005 and up Cobalts. The box offers a 1.3 cu. ft. of air space, perfect for many of today's smaller-enclosure requirements, and is only 8-inches deep. Oh yeah, and these pics show the box color-matched to the example Cobalt, but the boxes actually ship painted a glossy metallic black.  

Bassforms Announces Chevrolet Cobalt Enclosure 
World's Best Enclosure, Hand Crafted Like No Other!


Newport Beach, CA., May. 22, 2008 - Bassforms, the Newport Beach, Calif. - based industry leader in vehicle specific custom enclosures, is pleased to announce its new BF212COBALT designed for the 2005 and Up Chevrolet Cobalt 2 Door Coupe.

Holds: Two 12" Sealed
Fit: Left Side
Airspace:  1.30 cu. ft
Mounting Depth:  8.00 inches
No Loss of Trunk Space / Lifetime Warranty

BF212COBALT is scheduled to ship Summer 2008 with an MSRP of $449.95

"Bassforms has once again designed an enclosure never before seen nor heard, one that will rattle windshields as well as open many eyes in our industry," explained Nima Saati, Bassforms VP marketing and sales. "The glossy metallic black, fiberglass finish not only allows for an extreme look, but its dense formula provides the much needed composition to handle the power and output the amp and sub will produce. Quite simply, it is the loudest and best sounding enclosure system ever created for a Chevrolet Cobalt, all the while very affordable."

To learn more about Bassforms line of custom fiberglass enclosures, please email 


Enclosure Exposure Bassforms, a fiberglass custom-fitted subwoofer box manufacturer, has introduced new models to its lineup of competitively priced enclosures for high-end audio systems. Bassforms offers more than 70 car and truck models, plus more than 20 "universal" models, all constructed of 100-percent fiberglass with four layers of 2-ounce matting. For more information contact: Bassforms, Dept. LRM, 351 Old Newport Boulevard, Suite 104, Newport Beach, CA 92663, (877) 4NICEBOX,

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