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Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fiber

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The shape of 'Bassforms' was inspired by nature, but derived from pure science and carbon fiber.  The form we call 'bassforms' were designed for high fidelity hand crafted absolute bass, treble and midrange purity.  Acoustic science only takes a speaker design so far.  After that, there is experimentation. In developing 'Bassforms', experimenting with the drive unit's enclosure led eventually to a sonically superior, science success.  Every detail and the passion which brought the music to life should communicate itself to the listener especially in low frequencies and, collectively, create a natural and coherent impression that inspires and moves the listener.  With the launch of the first Bassforms sound system for a car, the Peugeot 206 in 2008, Bassforms redefined the segment for car-audio by increasing the joy of ownership and use of the sound system.


Bassforms Bugatti

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BF212RAM BassForms BASS BOX for the 2002 to current RAM 1500 and the 2003 to current 2500/3500 RAM QUAD CAB has arrived. Our engineers begin the hand crafted design process by studying the acoustics of the target vehicle and evaluating potential locations to craft the most airspace and mounting depth while providing OEM cosmetic look.  One of the challenges of building environmentally advanced enclosures is that you want the added environmental benefit but do not want to sacrifice other features such as quality, power, price or comfort. For this application the  Bassform evolved Advanced Proprietary Damping Technology that is 70% lighter than the average enclosure.

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